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What Makes India an Attractive Medical Tourism Destination?

What Makes India an Attractive Medical Tourism Destination?

Medical tourism is defined as a concept wherein patients and caregivers travel to another destination to avail superior treatment, for wellness or alternative medication.

Medical tourism has emerged as a big driving force and is a USD 30 billion industry today, with good year-on-year growth. With lifestyle diseases on the rise, globalisation and cheap travel options, people have started exploring various wellness and treatment options and find it economical to travel to undergo key procedures. India is among the top destinations for medical tourism and some of the reasons are

Cost-Effective Option

The medical treatment cost in India is a fraction of what costs in advanced economies, and even when travel and accommodation expenses are included, it works out to be cheaper for patients to undergo treatment in India.

World-class medical facilities and care

Many speciality hospitals have special packages for medical tourists and offer world-class facilities and care. Further, highly qualified doctors and support staff not only speak English but are also supported by excellent support infrastructure that is readily available and accessible.

Medical Visa is Easy to Obtain

The Indian Government has taken proactive steps to ease medical-visa restrictions for patients and caregivers. This has directly boosted the arrival of medical tourists since the red tape has been reduced and procedures streamlined. More details can be found here.

No waiting times

In India, unlike the west, there are multiple treatment options and experts available and waiting time for surgeries is almost non-existent. This means that money is saved as patients do not have to be on life-support or life-saving treatment for a long time, and it also prevents complications from arising due to non-treatment.

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