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What Do Travellers Expect from a Hotel?

What Do Travellers Expect from a Hotel?

The Indian tourism industry has been booming, and records show that between the year 2000 and 2016, the tourist arrivals in India increased from about 2.65 million in 2000 to 8.8 million in 2016. The government has also gone on an overdrive to promote tourism and with Make in India and other plans and business promotions, business-related travel is also projected to increase.

Another niche where India has strength is in medical tourism. Given the advanced medical facilities, highly qualified doctors and care attendants and the reasonable cost of treatment, India has emerged as a key player at a global level in the medical tourism industry.

However, while each of these niches has different requirements, the common expectations of travellers are

A reasonable guest experience

While the Internet has made online bookings a breeze, it has also opened a can of worms where unethical players create photo shopped images and indulge in false promotions. Prospective guests expect reasonable and satisfactory guest experiences. They expect promises made to be delivered.


The location of a prospective hotel is one of the prime factors considered by travellers in their quest. Be it for business, pleasure or medical-related reasons; travellers expect convenience.

Free Wi-fi

With the advent of smartphones and the explosive Internet penetration, free Wi-fi is no longer a selling point, but a basic expectation from all travellers. While some hotels offer a slow connection, with a faster one for an upgrade, these policies no longer make sense and will soon become obsolete.

Peaceful atmosphere

Whatever be the purpose, when people check into a hotel, they expect superior service and come in the mood for rest and relaxation. A noisy hotel with bad facilities will rile guests up and hence; it is necessary for owners to ensure to their best that they try to sound-proof rooms and offer good quality bedding and linen.

At Taz Kamar Inn, travellers are at home away from home. As one of the leading hotels in T Nagar Chennai, Taz Kamar offers unmatched accessibility, the cleanest hotel rooms and world-class service. With stellar ratings in various travel portals, we are a genuine brand with a mission to ensure absolute customer delight and our rooms near T Nagar are sure to leave an indelible impression.

As a leading budget hotel in Chennai, we offer superior service for a fair price. We are one of the few hotels located near Saravana Stores / RMKV / Nalli/ GRT, the behemoths for shopping and are also a hotel neat the US/ American consulate.

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